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    Earl Smith is an Independent Associate of PPLSI, a 50-year-old company dedicated to providing peace of mind though affordable access to legal and identity theft protection and restoration and business enhancement services. LegalShield provides individuals, families, and small business owners access to law firms for any covered legal matter and identity protection and restoration to shield their personal legal lives. These services are provided through a network of law firms located throughout North America-USA & Canada. ID Shield service provides world class identity theft protection and restoration services that provide a shield to protect and a means to restore an individual’s most precious procession their legal persona. With PPLSI-Legal Shield Business owners, their management, and HR staff need not worry and can daily make proactive decisions or when legal issues arise. Companies offer this same sense of security to their employees to give them peace of mind to keep them at work mentally and physically. PPLSI also provides business sustainability services to keep the business growing and profitable through the Legal Shield Plus service.


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