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    Pam Johnson Voice Coach


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    About Us

    Voice Coach for individuals and businesses -Find the power & beauty of your speaking voice

    Is the sound of your voice getting the response you want it to?
    Does your voice match the position you’re in or the position you want to be in?
    Do you want your voice to sound more commanding or beautiful?

    My goal is to help you develop a powerful, beautiful, and compelling voice to help you succeed.

    What I offer:

    • Group workshop - a one to two hour session for groups or businesses to teach correct posture, breath control, and voice positioning and how different vocal sounds affect the listener.

    • Individual coaching - a one-hour session and three follow up meetings, either in person or via video chat tailored to your needs.

    The sound of your voice can make more of an impression than what you’re actually saying. With my help, you can improve public and classroom speaking, prevent hoarseness and strain on your voice and give better business presentations. Invest in your career so your voice makes the impact you want it to.

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