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    About Us

    Xango is a network marketing company which began in 2002 with one product, a health drink made with the mangosteen fruit. We also have whole food vitamins for men & women. In Nov. 2008 we introduced a all natural, intuitive, toxin-free skin nutrition system called Glimpse. These products also use the mangosteen fruit.

    A Taste of XanGo® Juice
    XanGo Juice captures the nutritional power of the mangosteen through a proprietary formula that purées the whole mangosteen: rind and pulp.
    XanGo is:
    the original mangosteen supplement
    safe for all ages
    only takes a few ounces (1 bottle may last over a week for one person)
    sweet, crisp and delicious flavor
    the only whole-fruit formula
    extensive quality control during formulation
    simple, 100% money-back guarantee

    The incredible flagship product, Xango Juice ''the category creator of the mangosteen juice'' and now we also have ''Glimpse''-
    Glimpse? Intuitive Skin Care is XanGo's answer to unhealthy personal care products.
    Through a sophisticated combination of botanical phytonutrients and green technology, Glimpse eliminates all use of destructive toxins while transforming your skin and reversing the signs of aging.
    Experience a smooth, hydrated, beautifully radiant and healthy appearance for yourself.
    See for yourself! www.thecooldrink.com


    • Get a free sample of Xango Juice at: http://mymangosteen.com/kcmiller/landing/free_sample.asp


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