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    The Idea Spa


    Personal Growth

    About Us

    The Idea Spa is a spa for your mind – a place to expand your thinking, your expectations, your awareness and your enjoyment in life.

    The goal of The Idea Spa is to make people aware of the opportunities they have to raise the level of joy and happiness in their lives, if they choose to.

    The Idea Spa offers blogs, Wine, Cheese & Idea Spa small group events, one-on-one Idea Spa sessions and inspiring motivational presentations to company employee groups.


    Wine, Cheese & Idea Spa Small Group Sessions
    Paul Casper's Book "Let's Have a Great Day...Every Day!"
    Infinite Possibilities Training Certificate
    Motivational Speaking for businesses, clubs and events
    Weekly Blog for Happy, Inspired Living


    Wine, Cheese & Idea Spa Small Group Session
    • This Wine, Cheese & Idea Spa session will explore how we can manage life’s expectations to increase our joy and happiness and to be the person we want to be.
    • Thursday Jun 27, 2024
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