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    About Us

    Founded in 2015 in California, StretchLab is the industry leader in offering one-on-one assisted and group stretching in a fun, energetic, communal environment. Designed to increase mobility and flexibility, helping to reduce pain, decrease muscle aches, improve posture, reduce recovery time and enhance quality of life, StretchLab has created a variety of offerings to empower clients to ‘Live Long’. StretchLab has gathered a team of experts already certified in an array of related body work fields – physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, yoga, Pilates, and more – and brought in the world’s leading authority on stretching and flexibility to deliver on the promise of having the finest team of stretching professionals gathered anywhere. StretchLab’s proprietary Flexologist™ training ensures that clients receive a world class stretching session. We believe there is a big difference between stretching and getting a stretch - having someone with years of experience in body work allows these benefits to be fully realized in our clients’ lives.

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    • One-on-one customized stretching
    • Increased range of motion & Flexibility
    • Injury prevention
    • Reduced muscle & Joint pain
    • Improved posture & Sports performance


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