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    Sacbe College Counseling offers expert guidance through all aspects of the college admissions process. Our mission is to inspire and empower students on their journey to and through college. Our approach to college planning focuses on getting to know each student well, helping them discover who they are and who they want to become, and finding colleges that fit that vision. We then provide practical advice and step-by-step guidance through the admissions process, and prepare students for their transition to college. Our goals are to ease the pressure and anxiety students and their families feel, and to help them envision, plan, and prepare for the exciting journey ahead.


    • High school academic advising and coaching to develop effective study habits
    • Guidance through the college search to find great colleges and academic programs
    • Guidance through the application process, final college selection, and transition to college
    • Advice on college affordability and financial aid
    • Career counseling
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