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    Patients come to us seeking relief to pain associated with, chronic pain of spinal origin, headache, neck and back pain, arm and leg pain (Sciatica), whiplash injury, disc bulge & herniations with or without pinched nerves, vertebral compression fractures, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, shingles, peripheral neuropathy causing tingling, numbness & burning pain and fibromyalgia treatment.

    Founded by Vijay Singh, M.D., in 1989, Pain Diagnostics Associates has been a leader in the implementation and development of effective pain management. The often difficult task of finding ways to manage symptomatic pain can be unsatisfactory and even worrisome. It is common for patients to come to us after exhausting traditional methods of treating chronic and/or acute pain. Our minimally invasive procedures and alternative approaches to diagnosis and treatment are often welcome solutions, as they save on recovery time, expense and trauma to the body.

    The physicians at Pain Diagnostics Associates are focused on treating the underlying cause of pain, rather than masking a patient's symptoms. Improving our patient's quality of life is our goal, and our team approach allows us to provide a full-range of services at the highest possible standards.


    • Chronic Pain
    • Disk Bulge
    • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
    • Shingles
    • Peripheral Neuropathy causing tingling, numbness & burning pain and fibromyalgia

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    Dr. Chandur Piryani
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