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  • The Mequon Smile Design Private Membership Plan

    Offer Valid: 01/01/2021 - 12/31/2021
    Mequon Smile Design
    Dr. Julie Melbinger-Wagner, DDS
    Mequon Smile Design
    Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
    11649 N Port Washington Rd, Suite 112, Mequon, WI 53092

    Did you elect in the new year to not allow dental benefit coverage for you or your employees? Perhaps due to cost, not having a human resources department to help navigate insurance companies, or perhaps realizing that your employees may have more choices in their dental care by paying out-of-pocket.  Mequon Smile Design has found the answer and a completely new concept in dental coverage!
    The Mequon Smile Design Private Membership Plan
    How Does it Work?
    The Mequon Smile Club works similar to many dental plans on the market without the many of restrictions and waiting periods. You pay a monthly membership fee for benefit and coverage on each of your employee’s dental expenses. The plan is designed to cover preventative services such as cleanings and oral exams. This provides coverage that can be budgeted at an affordable monthly expense while receiving good benefits for your higher cost dental service
    Who Administers the Plan?
    Mequon Smiled Design administers the Mequon Smile Club and works with you, the employer directly to make all dental service decision. There is no need to contact a third-party company for information. All questions regarding plan coverage, verifying benefits, changing coverage types, or any other questions should be directed to Dr. Julie Melbinger-Wagner’s office.
    How Do I Use a Specialist?
    Dr. Julie Melbinger-Wagner may at times refer a patient to a specialist who is a participating provider in the Mequon Smile Club. Members must verify the specialists participation in the referral network prior to accepting treatment. A complete list of all participating specialists is available at Mequon Smile Design.
    Why the Program Works
    If asked, most people would agree that decisions about dentistry are best made between the patient and their dentist, without a third-party company’s involvement.
    The Mequon Smile Club is different! It has been designed to provide your employees and their family members with affordable preventive dental coverage.
    The benefit of Mequon Smile Club is that it is not administered by a third-party insurance company. All the decisions regarding your employee’s dental treatment may be decided by them and their dentist, Dr. Julie Melbinger-Wagner, without the need for claim forms, approvals, deductibles, or waiting periods.

    No Claim Forms, Deductibles, Pre-Determinations or Waiting Periods!

    Monthly Premiums
    Single $33/month
    Couple $56/month
    Family $89/month

    Please contact Lori Cavitt at 262-240-9400 for more information. We look forward to helping you and your employees with their dental care.


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